New Project Awarded

  Rehabilitation and up-gradation of existing two lane to 4-laning of Koida (KM. 206.200) to Rajamunda (Km.259.453) Section of NH-2015 (New NH-520) in the state of Odisha under NHDP-III, Pkg-II through an Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Contract.

   Redevelopment of Janpath Road including Streetscape Design, Beautification, Landscaping, Intersection Redesign and Infrastructure Upgrades in Bhubaneswar’s Town Centre District (ABD) under Smart Cities Mission on EPC Mode

   Construction of grade separator structure at Khandagiri Chowk (Km 412) on NH-5 (New NH-16) in the State of Odisha on EPC Mode

  Four Laning of NH-23 from Brahmani Bypass to Rajamunda (Km.240.250 to 287.200 KM) –NHAI

  Construction of Balance Work of 4-laning Puri Bypass road of Bhubaneswar-Puri Section of NH 316 (from 56+500 to 67+400) in the state of Odisha to be executed on EPC mode.

Ongoing Projects

  6 Laning of Chandikhole-Jagatpur-Bhubaneswar Section of NH-5 from Km. 413.00 to Km418.00 and from Km.0.000 to 62.000 in the state of Orissa as BOT (TOLL) on DBFO Pattern Under NHDP Phase von build operate transfer (Bot) Basis

   Rehabilitation and Up gradation of NH-149 from Km.0.00-68.280 (Pallahara to Pitiri section) to Two lane with paved shoulders under NHDP-IVA in the state of Odisha Through Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Basis Contract.

   Widening & Strengthening of existing single / intermediate lane to two Lane Carriageway with paved shoulder include-ing geometric improvement from km 118/ 400 to 173/400 of N.H-59 (Erstwhile Km. 264/00 to 319/00 of NH-217) in the State of Odisha on Engg, Procurement & Construction (EPC) mode

  Earthwork in cutting to form formation and in filling to form embankment including mechanical compaction and construction of minor bridges at different locations and other ancillary works in between Thingou to Noney (Field Ch. 63.626 Km to 81.50 Km as measured from Jiribam) in connection with the construction of new railway line from Jiribam to Tupul.

  Widening & Strengthening of Baliguda –Barkhama-Khamankhole-Sindhiguda road (SH-41) from 0/00 to 3/600 Km, 3/800 to 5/800 Km, 6/00 to 19/00 Km & 36/00 to 47/260 Km under SHDP

  Construction of ROB (Br.No-70) with approach road near Bolagarh Bhubanesw-ar at chainage 257/770 km on NH-57 (at Railway Km.50/050 of Khurda- Bolangir Rail Link Project) in the state of Odisha.

  Widening & strengthening to two lane with paved shoulder from km Odisha Baripadda 35/700 to km 71/120 of NH-220 (Rairangpur to Jasipur section) for the year 2015-16.

  Widening and strengthening of Tengnapathar Chakapada Nediguda Badangi road from 0/000 Km to 14/000 Km in the district of Kandhamal under State Plan.

  Improvement of Sankarakhole-Kainjhar-Paburia-Mandakia Road (ODR) from 29/700 km to 38/160 km under state plan.

  Improvement such as widening and strengthening of Kotagada-Subarangiri- Srirampur road(ODR) from 0/000 Km to 8/000 Km (except from 0/800 Km to 1/200 Km) under State Plan.

Completed Projects

  Balance work of (Ichapuram to Ganjam ) i.e. Widening to 4/6 lanes and strengthening of existing 2-lanes carriageway of Nh-5 from Km. 233.200 to Km. 284.000 in the state of Orissa. Package OR-VIII

  Package OR-VI (Sunakhala to Khurda) i.e, Widening to 4/6 lanes and Strengthening of existing 2- Lane Carriageway of NH-5 from Km. 338.000 to Km. 388.000 in the state of Orissa(Pkg-OR-VI)

   Widening & strengthening of Banigochha-Madhapur-Khajuriapada-Phulbani-Sarangada-Nuagaon-Baliguda-Tumudibandha-Rampur road (SH-1) to 2 lane without paved shoulder from Km.163.00 to 174.00, 188.00 to 197.00, 200.00 to 219.00, 226/580 to 233/100 to 243/500 under SHDP on EPC Mode.

  Widening and Strengthening of existing single/ intermediate lane with geometric improvement to two lane carriageway in Km. 329.0 to 375.0 Km of NH-217.

  Widening & Strengthening of existing carriageway to 2 lane road from Berhampur to Taptapani (Km.0/00 to 41/00 of SH-170 (Balance Work)

  Development of 2 lane Barsuan- Khandadhar road from Km.0/00 to Km. 15/220 in the district of Sundargarh

  Construction of H.L. Bridge at Lalei over river Brahmani in the District of Sundargarh under NABARD Assistance RIDF-XIV

  Construction of ROB near Mancheswar At L.C. No.187 At Rd- 432.7 Km Of Howrah - Chennai Railway Line

  Construction of Approaches to road over bridge at Ch.5/287 km of NH-23 near Chainpal in liew of existing level crossing at Ch.490/600 km. between station Budhapanka & Talcher.


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