Our primary goal is to fortify our combined power that gives us a distinct competitive edge over the rest. Our unmatched financial capability which is lifeblood of any construction project, our trained, experienced and dedicated employees, together with the references from some of the most reputed clients give us a strong hold in the industry. It is our goal to further these strengths and scale new highs in the upcoming years.      
In the next few years, along with the Road Construction, Bridge Construction, Design/Build Air Stripe etc. we aim to penetrate in to ancillary areas to garner more business opportunities.     

Along with the financial success and improving the wealth creation for our shareholders, our goals  are:

Safety First

Our foremost focus is to become a “zero accidents” company. For us, the safety of our people is of prime importance, which cannot be ignored under any circumstances. To achieve this, we have incorporated high safety standards and a transparent reporting system. Any accident, no matter how minor it is, should be reported aptly. This is to enhance our learning about ways to prevent accidents.


We have earned a repute of being an ethical company and we are proud of it. We aspire to continue with the legacy for generations to come.
Any ethical breach leading to ruin the company’s reputation, will never be tolerated at any level in the Organization.

People Development

Our employees are our strength and without them, it would not have been possible for us to achieve the results we have  accomplished so far. For the best interest of our employees and our company,  we aim at investing in our people and developing them to grow professionally thereby helping them accept bigger roles and wider responsibilities. For this, we have implemented a fair and transparent employee performance evaluation system which would help us identify resources who need further training for their development and also  reward the right talent and make them feel important and wanted in the organization.

Going Green- Our social responsibility

We believe we have social responsibility towards our nation and the Mother Earth. Therefore, we are increasingly offering green solutions to our customers. Our goal is to create awareness about our green expertise and the benefits of our green solutions to the society at large

Risk Management- Optimizing ROI

We have been able to survive for over three decades in the industry owing to our superior risk management abilities. Through stringent risk management measures and by stressing the focus on the projects in totality instead of individual phases, we intend to foster better risk management measures. This would also help us optimize our returns and distribute wealth better among our share holders.

Our Values

RKDCPL is a customer oriented company. We always value our customers and their requirements at the foremost level. . Our success is laid on the strong foundation values of trust, total work dedication leading to timely completion of our entitled work with the best of quality in the sector. And it is this value which has rewarded us with long term relationship with our clients.
We staunchly provide sustainable solutions for our customers ethically and efficiently. This approach works in the best interests of our clients, employees and our shareholders. It is due to these values that we have seen phenomenal growth in our business over 3 decades, and we continue to rigorously and religiously follow these inherent values that have taken RKD Construction where it is today!
Our decentralized and flexible operating principles enable better accountability, which in turn motivate employees and help us offer performance based rewards.
At RKDCPL, we believe in over all growth. This has been possible because of our integrity, innovation and high standards that we have set for ourselves not just in monetary terms and work performance, but also in human and social responsibility.
It is through the strict adherence to our core values that we have been able to sustain and grow in highly competitive environment. We will continue to harness the power of these values for generations to come!


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